Dressing up as Cleopatra – Vivien Leigh 1945

Poster - Caesar and Cleopatra_05Annex - Leigh, Vivien (Caesar and Cleopatra)_08Annex - Leigh, Vivien (Caesar and Cleopatra)_NRFPT_02Annex - Leigh, Vivien (Caesar and Cleopatra)_02


      • Vickie,yes she was.I have not heard of the book to be honest,but will see if public library can order me a copy.I have a big problem with reading these days-not enough time.I have two things stacking up constantly-books and DVDs-eventually I get to go through them.

  1. Vickie,I just quickly looked up the film on Wiki and will go back to it.What an odd thing it was that the director ordered sand from Egypt to get the right colour as well.I am now trotting off to find a DVD of the film.Thanks for the posting.

  2. Dearest V
    One I’ve seen!
    That shot of Viv in full headgear is actually a rather convincing resemblance to much Ancient Egytian statuary… but this was not to be her great epic…
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

      • Ah! It will be interesting. If you have some little views in your stats from Australia, some of them will be my daughter who is a Cleopatra fan. She tells me of ardent debates on Tumblr about Cleopatra, the real one. Fascinating how Cleopatra continues to influence our lives.

      • The shadow cast by historical events and persons if often very long-for good or ill and often a mixture of both.Its not hard to see for example how the history of the crusades still effects both parts of The Middle East as well as our responses to it.

  3. George Kaplan

    Ah, petite, dark-haired, haunting Vivien. The most beguiling, thoroughly glorious Cleopatra in these pictures. Thank You, Vickie.
    The writer Steven Saylor has penned a series of murder mysteries set in the Ancient World, featuring the fictional Roman Gordianus the Finder. What really makes the books work is the depiction of character and the politics and society of Rome and beyond. The first novel of Saylor’s I read – and my favorite – deals with Cleopatra et al and is both well-researched and compelling. Certainly worth seeking out.
    Oh, as an aside, an oft-overlooked Cleopatra is Amanda Barrie in the very silly, vulgar but funny British spoof Carry On Cleo. Shot on some of Cleopatra’s leftover sets it is, for all its broadness, much more entertaining than the Taylor behemoth! Oops. Bitchy me! A famed example of the fantastically terrible jokes within, Caesar (camp, waspish, and, finally, tragic comic actor Kenneth Williams) yelling “Infamy! Infamy! They’ve all got it In-fer-me!” Bwahahaha! Yep, I grew up with that stuff! 🙂

    • George,Carry on Cleo-Ah yes I remember it well.Maybe you have to be British to like Carry On films-maybe not.I am still picking them up at Charity shops over here after they were given away with newspapers.Kenneth Williams was a National Treasure and could make anything funny as far as I am concerned.

  4. Vickie,there is a good/bad Carry On film called Carry on Screaming sends up Frankenstein etc.Have not seen it in years.Dumb as a rock but somehow appealing.For my money however-The Young Frankenstein.

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