Listening to this infernal racket about Renee Zellweger is it any wonder Greta Garbo left Hollywood at the age of 35?

garbo 1928This unholy interplay between public persona and private life has been going on a very long time. And just as long as it’s been going on there has speculation, publication, and incessant unnecessary chatter—and still the world spins.

largeThere may be clean energy solution for the dire situation our planet has gotten itself into. An Ebola Vaccine was developed ten years ago and is being cracked out of storage and tested. California is drying up. People turn to all sorts of things for guidance. And still there are 12,600,000 news results when you type Ms. Zellweger’s name into the mighty Google. But the thing we must remember is…



Beyond appearance is essence — and what Dr. King referred to as the content of our character.  Just something to think about on a Sunday.



  1. George Kaplan

    Wise and true, Vickie. It is so accurate that there is such an imbalance of focus with important things receiving less attention (because too scary, too complex, requiring too much thought?) than the foolish antics of celebrities. I must admit, however, to not having much sympathy for Ms Zellweger nor for any idiots who tell her she looks great for transforming herself into something usually espied in the window of Saks Fifth Avenue, purely because there are many actresses over 35 who don’t resort – even in the modern tasteless Hellworld – to effing around with their faces.
    The irony is that this post will add another result to Google tho’ this one is good-hearted, perspicacious, and True!

    • Ach, another Google result! I know people have been saying her response to the question of cosmetic surgery has been disingenuous — referring to personal happiness — but most people who have had work done report being very pleased with it.

  2. Yes, yes, and YES!! This past spring, I covered Kim Novak at the TCM Fest, right after the Oscars. She’d just been shredded up one side and down the other on the internet for her appearance. She spoke from her heart about how painful it was. And of course she also fled Hollywood with what was left of her dignity and sanity at a very early age…

    • That broke my heart. I mean the response to her appearance—damned if you do appear to age, and damned if you don’t. The “approved” look is based on a lifetime of “subtle” work that is visible but not mentioned. What a crock of…pretense.

      • Interesting, Kim Novak was probably the most beautifutl woman in the world in the film Legend of Lilyah Claire.

        I’m in a writing class on line. Let me ask. If men grow more distinguished and women come to orgasm later in life, aren’t we dealing with something problematic with the middle-aged grow old gracefully to sport younger men? Kim Novak had the younger men, but be quick before there are younger women,

        Just wondering as a male feminist, join in on our online class if you’d like. Its on Future Learn.

  3. As for the “new” Renee Z., I find it very sad. There were online gossip columnists that called her things like “Squinty”, and it’s depressing that she apparently let this get to her. She took what was her most unique, endearing quality and changed it, and now she looks completely and in all ways unremarkable. She caved to the pressure, and that is always sad. If she had been inspired to have a purple horn attached to the center of her forehead, I would say now here is a woman who does what she wants, regardless of social pressure. What she did is just a demonstration of how enslaved she is to public opinion. Goodbye individuality, lay your body on the altar of conformity – the penance is eternal blandness. And the thought that someone would have surgery to erase a character they’d played in a movie? Horrifying. Here’s to Judi Dench, Maggie Smith, Derek Jacobi, Bill Nighy, Anthony Hopkins, and all the other actors that know the most important thing about acting is… being a great ACTOR.

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