“Actors and actresses who say they never go to see their own pictures are talking through their hats. You don’t have to be a [Sigmund Freud] to know that the most fascinating person in the world – actors or anybody – is yourself.” Paulette Goddard

paulette goddard


    • Designers, photographers, and journalists have looked at their work already a billion times before it’s published. An actor only sees the scenes they’ve been in, and not how they’ve been put together with the rest of the film, until the film is made. I agree with Ms. Goddard. People who say they don’t watch their own movies are full of it. They just say that to prevent interviewers from being able to ask them about how they feel about their performance. Total cop-out.


        Putting yourself out there in *any* act of artistic performance or creation makes you feel highly vulnerable, whether you’re an actor, a singer, a model, a photographer, a writer etc.
        IMHO some have the strength to re-evaluate their work, while others prefer to “cop-out”, as you say. I can surely understand both styles – without judging. Still it feels strange to me, because how are you supposed to even grow if you don’t look at your work?

  1. Of cause I am the most fascinating person in the world.In fact I am interviiewing myself next week onTV for the program -Fabullous Celebrities You Have Never Heard Of.I am sure I will be absolutely rivited when I watch it later.

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