Fall to Pieces by George Kaplan | Rogues & Vagabonds


A Tiny Tale to Chill the Bones of Any Actor

Once upon a time not so very long ago there was an actor. He had been popular on stage and screen from the early Seventies through to the end of the Eighties and had made a great amount of money in that period, but eventually his career and spirit flagged.

Where once he had had confidence unbounded he now shivered and shook when even the idea of performing entered his mind. Not to mention that casting directors seemed to have lost his agent’s number the agent, meanwhile, had joined a certain cult, and was more interested in serving a not-at-all fictional alien named Testi than serving his clients – some of whom had passed from this mortal coil waiting for the telephone to ring.

Years passed and the actor lived a peripatetic existence flitting from abode to abode, country to country, lover to lover.

Then one day, when his not-inconsiderable fortune had dwindled to a not-so-considerable one, the actor became possessed with the need to Act despite his undiminished fear…

Click here to read the rest: Fall to Pieces by George Kaplan | Rogues & Vagabonds.


  1. Heather in Arles

    Bravo to all involved in the creating and sharing of this utterly ghoulish tale! Certainly Head’s Off, er, I mean Hat’s Off to you Mr. K!

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