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You once worked as an acquisitions editor at the British publisher, Faber & Faber. Do you miss anything about that job?

Are you kidding? That was the best job I ever had. I had lunch with the old chairman, Matthew Evans, this week, and we both went dewy-eyed about the old days. He’s in the House of Lords trying to stay awake, and I’m pounding stages like an aging clown. I loved the way the Faber editorial committee was driven as much by gossip and rumor as ideas. It was fun. Not what you expect in such an esteemed publishing house.

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    • Jon James! You are a darling. I just watched Seth H. Mosely’s account of his run-in with Garbo…and the book is out December 8th! Shall I email you at the address associated with this comment? Would love to feature “Garbo’s Last Stand” on Beguiling.

      • Hi Vickie, So excited that you checked out my site. I would love if you featured my debut novel on your amazing site. And congratulations on your first novel – I can’t wait to read it! You can email me at… Thanks, Jon James

  1. George Kaplan

    “Pounding stages like an aging clown”, hilarious. Roger certainly had the hair of one early Seventies (a clown that is!)!
    @iheartingrid: Good fortune with your novel.

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