Reprise: Thanksgiving Los Angeles Style

1934, turkey shoot at the Elysian Park Police Academy — that’s the first image. The second image was taken at the Biltmore Hotel in downtown L.A. — as chefs prepared Thanksgiving dinner.

I remember once when my family was living overseas scoring a turkey (which was hard to come by) and when we plopped it on the table to prepare – it was half covered with feathers. Turkey feathers are murder to remove. My mother handed me her eyebrow tweezers and I was at it for HOURS.

Happy Thanksgiving, near and far!



    • Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family – I hope this means you don’t have to wrestle with the turkey 😉 That’s one nice thing about going home for the holidays. Travel safe and hugs from here.

  1. Don’t they still do that in certain parts of the U.S.? 😉 That woman third from the right looks pretty serious. I’m going to my big sis’ place. She’s the gourmet foodie in the family, we could eat Spaghetti O’s and it would be wonderful.

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