It has a lot to do with the weather, but decorating for the holidays in Los Angeles has always struck me as a little freaky – 1929


  1. It reminded me of Lee Marvin in “Cat Ballou” – which is a movie I remember most vividly because I was LITTLE and my parents had taken me to a friend’s house for a screening and I fell asleep under a glass coffee table on a white fur rug – and I have very little memory of the movie but I woke up and looked up through the table and was fixated on a blonde woman smoking a cigarette wearing the brightest red lipstick I’d ever seen in my life. Which, granted, up to that point was very short.

  2. Decorative snowmen in hot weather are just wrong aren’t they! Just like here in Australia, snowmen and poor suffering shopping centre santas ho, ho, ho-ing for the kids in thick beards and fur-trimmed outfits are appropriate for the occasion, yet just not right…. 🙂

  3. Nothing more frightening to me as a child than our aluminum Christmas tree. I was so thrilled when we got rid of it. There was a family down the street used to capture tumble weeds at Christmas time…spray paint them white and make a snowman out of them…that was scary too!

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