Cheers! And goodbye to gall that…another thing I am very thankful for!


I am happy to say my cup runneth over. These days I feel très bien, which is in stark contrast to the past year when I thought my general malaise — feeling low and kind of punk — had to do with being fifty (for the sake of the blog I am a perpetual fifty, just for those who are keeping track). I am happy to report that fifty is not an illness, but having a toxic gallbladder is. The loathsome thing was removed in September and after a couple days in these very sanitary surroundings:

the view from my hospital windowI am home, feeling great, and am hellbent on — in this order — holiday prep, finishing my second novel, and figuring out how to promote my first:

It’s in His Kiss, by Vickie Lester. (click here)

There are those among you who might suggest that my boutique publishers going out of business had something to do with the malaise, and I don’t discount that at all, but I can’t blame them for organ failure…or can I?


  1. Heather in Arles

    Gosh, you resemble Olivia de Havilland! I never put that together until I saw this photo. And it makes me happy without bounds to know that you are doing so much better, inside and out. Go get em Ms V! You have us all chomping at the bit to read the new material…

  2. I’m so sorry to hear your publisher went out of business but happy to hear you are now free of the inflammatory and irritating melancholia of the humors contained in both the yellow and black bile. And your errant publisher! Keep writing, there is another one out there for you somewhere!

  3. Well now I can no longer raise a Vivien Leigh eyebrow and pronounce “You Miss Lester certainly have your gall!” …and that is a very good thing to no longer be able to say. But my right eyebrow still works as good as Scarlett’s.

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