Reprise: I have the weirdest associations with Christmas…

Doesn’t Christmas bring you back to your childhood? I think I’ve mentioned in a comment here or there that I have a friend whose babysitter was Cher, well, not exactly a babysitter — but even as she began her recording career (in her late teens) it was she who kept an eye on him. I can state unequivocally that Ann-Margret was not my babysitter, but she looked just enough like her to confuse a child. That child being me, once upon a time. As the holidays roll around I veer between decorating in the avant-garde style of my mother — one year I gathered huge downed tree limbs after what passes for a winter storm here in Los Angeles and hung them with red glass ornaments —


and sometimes I go full tilt Sixties; kill a tree, load it with glitter and serve Glögg… Get Into The Holiday Spirit With Scandinavian Glogg : NPR.  I’ll keep you posted… But, this year I’m thinking of something along the lines of eight feel tall and covered in tinsel.

Annex - Ann-Margret_20


  1. Heather in Arles

    Redhead in leopard alert! :à Hola!
    It would appear as if we have another thing in common: our all over the map Christmas decor approach. As proof I give you last year’s creation:
    In my defense, it actually looked prettier in person. Really! It did! *quiet pouting*
    And to do another 180, this year I chose a tiny tree, it is on a pedestal with a bit of red fabric that I bought in Vietnam underneath and…nothing on it. Yep, it is nekkid.

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