Hollywood Style – Marion Davies and Charles Chaplin – 1930

Prototypical comedian Charles Chaplin escorts Marion Davies to the premiere of her film, “The Floradora Girl” in 1930:


This was Chaplin’s house on Summit Dr.

I’d show you Marion Davies house, but it was just a chunky old Tudor.


      • I saw those bedrooms at last in 2011. I have been trying to get to the top since 1960 when I first visted Hearst Castel as a mere infant. They still had some of the wild animals roaming around on the hills then. Ah Marion…what a sweet rosebud she was.

  1. George Kaplan

    Love the pic of Marion and Charles (I wonder, did he have “designs” on her?!). Ms Davies looks charming. It’s a pity that Citizen Kane has somewhat distorted “rosebud’s” reputation, though any calumny heaped on Hearst seems fair enough (besides Kane is a tragedy, and portrays the “man in full” with something akin to sympathy. Charles Foster Kane is not purely William Randolph Hearst).
    Oh, Mr Chaplin want an impressive house you had 🙂

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