Singin’ in the Rain – and the magic of Walter Plunkett’s costume design

The sketch:

The wardrobe continuity book:

The publicity still:

The scene:


The cake:


  1. Singin’ in the Rain… Pure Happiness: The Good Mornin’ performance, Lina Lamont, The Laughing Cavalier, Donald O’Connor bouncing off the wall in Make ’em Laugh…and All I Do Is Dream Of You. Oh yes!
    I love all the images in this post. All the effort that went into the film and what came out seems so effortless and near-perfect. Thanks for the repost, Vickie.

  2. “Here we are, Sunset and Camden!” I still want to sing-song this when I give people a lift somewhere but that only worked when I actually lived in LA (where people might know what in the world I was talking about and where there was a Sunset and Camden). Thanks for sharing these reminders of a great moment in a great film.

  3. “Well, if it isn’t Ethel Barrymore!” Best line of the film.

    The wardrobe continuity book is fascinating. It looks really organized, which it would have to be. As a person who loves organization and organizing, this gives me a little thrill. I’m serious!

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