1. March 4, 2014

    Hahahaha! I am Amelia Allorn.

    • March 4, 2014

      These names are priceless! Hey, I’m going to try Bette Davis now… Blaine Dorniels! Ruth Gordon? Rhys Gerbson, oh, this could go on for hours ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

      • March 4, 2014

        It is so much fun! If I use my husband’s last name, I am Amelia Zeemis. Amelia Allorn Zeemis kind of has a nice ring to it. Think of all the dead writers I can plug into this thing.

      • March 4, 2014

        Do it!
        Amelia Allorn Zeemis, sounds like a reclusive Swiss heiress who’s cut herself off from family to pursue a career in… Bwahahaha!

    • March 4, 2014

      One more. Grace Kelly? George Keezy…

      • March 4, 2014

        That. Is. Hilarious.

  2. March 4, 2014

    I’m Jon Creez. It was pretty funny.

    • March 5, 2014

      That’s funny – but I think I’ll still have to call you Jilly, because it’s one of my favorite names.

  3. March 4, 2014

    Ha ha! I love this! I’m Rhys Kzing.

    Also, I always wondered about Frank Sinatra and a wig…

    • March 5, 2014

      Oh, Ms. Kzing!
      That’s Mr. Sinatra’s wig from Van Ryan’s Express ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

      • March 5, 2014

        LOL! I’m actually VERY relieved to hear it.

      • March 5, 2014

        I don’t mean to interject here, ladies, but who is this Frank Sinatra you are talking about? Could you possibly mean Flynn Suzzivan? ๐Ÿ™‚

      • March 5, 2014

        OMG. That might be the best, yet!!! Suzzivan, OH.

      • March 5, 2014

        It gets my vote for most hilarious!

      • March 5, 2014


  4. March 4, 2014

    “Kaitlyn Andrenson” Not too weird ๐Ÿ™‚ Not as weird as taking hair from the top of your head and having it transplanted along your jaw line for beardly purposes.

    • March 5, 2014

      Yours is actually pretty sounding, want to know what Gloria Nimbus (teamgloria) is Travoltified? Geordie Nicheems!

      • March 5, 2014

        Oh Lordy! Such hilarity.

      • March 6, 2014

        I know. I had to make myself stop after a while.

  5. Heather in Arles
    March 5, 2014

    Hector Orginson!! Oh, I am rolling!! I am even a man now!! And a man named Hector nonetheless…hear me roar!

    PS. I have a Kevin S story. When I was working at a certain luxury hotel in Soho in between acting gigs, there were always many celebs in residence. Most were just the nicest peeps. Now I won’t give any dish because I am no gossip, I just have a story. Mr S wouldn’t allow Housekeeping into the Penthouse Suite for over a week. So finally, on a weekend while he was away, they wanted to sneak in to clean it because…he had a dog in there! The problem was that the Housekeeping ladies were all petrified of his barking, yelping, snapper. The solution? Me. I was sent up to calm the wild beast while the ladies hurried around, picked up the poo, straightened and cleaned as best as they could…I nearly got bit too… ๐Ÿ˜‰ Carry on…

    • March 5, 2014

      Oh Hector! I am LAUGHING. That is so good. Even better than Geordie Nicheems!
      As to the other, one day we will talk. I’ve got stories, and I am a *little bit* of a gossip. But mostly I just translate that gossip into fiction ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  6. March 7, 2014

    Just Suze is James Scone. I’m hungry now.

    (Thx for puttin’ up pics of thine lovely self.)

    • March 8, 2014

      Scones are perfection!

      I blame the selfies on four hours sleep ๐Ÿ˜‰ .

  7. July 17, 2014

    Carey Grant is “Christy Greez”. James Stewart is “Joss Shunter”. Doris Day is “Douglas Draw”. And the ONLY person whose name could not be made more difficult… Mariska Hargitay, is “Melissa Hargision”. Told you! 8-D

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