Translation spaghetti — something about The Oscars — courtesy of Google…

google translation of le monde*

 I love Google, and here’s why… A translation that approaches fine verse, the drunken Beat Poet kind, you know, cigarette dangling from lips, stubble on chin, leaning closer for more profundity as you cringe — fearing a torrent of semi-digested whiskey on your shoes…

This year again, the ball of the contenders for the statuette for Best Role exception to the rule of the little chameleon benefits. Besides biopics – those scientists Alan Turing (game Imitation) and Stephen Hawking (A wonderful story of the time) – we find, jumble: a billionaire aquiline nose (Steve Carell in Foxcatcher), a decadent actor (Michael Birdman Keaton), a hefty sniper in Iraq (Bradley Cooper in American Sniper), a working casualised (Marion Cotillard in two days, one night), a former drug addict hiker (Reese Witherspoon in Wild), or a Alzheimer patient (Julianne Moore Still Alice). And physical metamorphosis was nice to be a part of the performance of the actor, it often makes the difference in the eyes of voters...


One comment

  1. Heather in Arles

    I hate to break it to you but you are right, kiddo. In French it is pretty lame! But oh how you made me smile with your beatnik, cough-syrup chugging GooglePoetry. I really wish that I was in the States tonight…have some cheesy appetizers and cat-calling for me!

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