Reprise: What an attentive husband, a little Gershwin, a flying saucer, and an ad agency like Leo Burnett can do

Mister L

I have been out of sorts lately, it seems to be going around. The kindly gentleman above, however, remembered something I had said years ago, and it turns out he looks every month for a funny little ad I said, had it been within my power, I would have bestowed the Obie Award on… Now, besides giving me an award for the most amazing run on sentence: look what he found! I’m happier already, and I hope you are too.

Then, as I was watching this over and over I remembered this:

Rhapsody in Blue has been used by United States-based air carrier United Airlines in their advertisements since the mid-1980s. In more recent advertisements, the instruments used reflect the theme, including a version played by traditionally Asian instruments in conjunction with publicizing the carrier’s major presence in trans-Pacific travel.

via Rhapsody in Blue – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Have a wonderful weekend.

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  1. April 12, 2013

    I can’t believe I’ve never seen that commercial! Hilarious. And thank you for the Bernstein video.

    • April 12, 2013

      First time I saw the commercial I was sitting on the couch waiting for Mr. L. to get home from set, watching George Clooney make life and death decisions in E.R. — you could have heard me laughing down the block. Not at George, at this perfect sixty second comedy.

  2. April 12, 2013

    Ah, Gershwin… I remember that commercial well! It’s tells a great little story without explanation. Simply. Great one to highlight, Vickie. We have a Burt Lancaster western double-bill tonight at the Billy Wilder Theater and ’42’ come Sunday. Hope you have a great weekend.

  3. George Kaplan
    April 12, 2013

    Lovely, sweet story; very funny ad; perfect Gershwin. Rhapsody In Blue, not exactly classical, not precisely jazz but All Magnificent (opening of Manhattan)

    • April 12, 2013

      I kept humming it to myself and thinking, whoever composed this should be famous, the theme IS magnificent, I can’t believe some jingle composer came up with this… Unbelievable πŸ˜‰

  4. George Kaplan
    April 12, 2013

    Bwahahaha! Wow, that guy should get more work πŸ™‚

  5. April 12, 2013

    I’ve never seen that commercial! — Funny and clever. Obie Award worthy? Yes.
    When I was in college I always did my homework to the soundtrack from “Manhattan,” which includes “Rhapsody in Blue,” and Pachelbel Canon in D — actually it was some baroque album I had. For some reason those two albums, but especially Gershwin’s, “Rhapsody in Blue,” made me a much more creative and productive student.
    Vickie, Mr. L. sounds like the real deal. How very lucky you are to call him yours, and for that matter, how incredibly lucky he is to have you. πŸ™‚

    • April 12, 2013

      I had a dinner party last night and afterwards I had to hop on my computer, way after my bedtime, and go on iTunes and buy the Bernstein recordings of Gershwin. Immediate gratification and my, am I sleepy! I need another POT of coffee.
      Or, maybe I’ll just crank up the Rhapsody!

  6. April 12, 2013

    Vicky….wow post in COLOR! Nice… and totally loved Rapsody! I excually played the 2 video’s at the same time( by mistake) and they excually turned out to sound great together while watching the girl πŸ˜‰
    Have a wonderful weekend

    • April 12, 2013

      I’m glad you enjoyed it! πŸ™‚

  7. April 12, 2013

    Oh this is so sweet of Mr L and I do hope your out of sorts are restoring themselves. Rhapsody in Blue is a piece which seems to have all the moods covered so beautifully and brilliantly. . . . enjoy your week-end!

    • April 12, 2013

      My out of sorts are currently right in line! I had very good news about the book today, that I probably can’t talk about just yet – but I’ll just say between Mr. L and the publishers I’m soaring somewhere past the stratosphere…

      • April 12, 2013

        Wow, that’s wonderful news! Enjoy the view form the soaring heights and so looking fwd to reading bound copy!

  8. April 13, 2013

    What a great commercial. I love youtube, being able to find those things that have amused us and play them whenever we feel like it, well done Mr. L. πŸ˜€

    • April 13, 2013

      I love it! How’s autumn in Australia?

      • April 13, 2013

        Strange! It is like summer won’t relinquish its grip and winter is fighting for its place as well. Each day is a surprise and can be hot, then cold and rainy, within a short time. The only sign that we are in Autumn is that the mushrooms have started to come up in the garden!

  9. April 13, 2013

    Dear V
    I had no idea you had been under the whether.
    The Dandy’s electricals have been rather under the whether this week, so contact with the world wide world has been a little limited.
    Hope you’re back on form now…
    That advertisment is a hoot! I must confess I think The Dandy was the male version of that very child.
    My one experience of United, as an adult, was of the copious amounts of alcohol they seemed keen to pour down our throats between Heathrow and Newark. Everything that was asked for was delivered in triplicate!!
    I don;t think airlines are made the same way today.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • April 13, 2013

      Well, I think that makes us twins, regarding the ad πŸ˜‰
      I am feeling much better, thank you, and I’m so happy you’re back online.

  10. April 14, 2013

    Mmm… Rhapsody in Blue!

    The other day, I listed to Alec Baldwin’s Podcast “Here’s the Thing” and he interviewed two of Leonard Bernstein’s children. He sounded like a wonderful father.

    • April 14, 2013

      A wonderful father, and a kind of unpredictable husband!

  11. April 14, 2013

    Under the weather?? So go smell some white roses! I hope you are feeling better. Hugs.

    • April 15, 2013

      Why, I’ve got some right here courtesy of you πŸ˜‰

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