Stroll the streets of Manhattan with an artist in the 1960s, Bob Schulenberg: New York | New York Social Diary

Edith Piaf by Studio Harcourt, Paris
Edith Piaf by Studio Harcourt, Paris

While I was an undergraduate at UCLA I’d attended a performance of Edith Piaf as she visited Los Angeles. It was a stunning revelation as to the possibilities of what one woman could do singing alone on a stage and wearing a very simple black dress, and I believe wearing what looked to be carpet slippers! She was, as the term goes — present!

via 3.19.15 | Schulenberg’s Page: New York | New York Social Diary.

Find out how this helped him define “the look” of another chanteuse…click on the blue letters above.

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“Meanwhile, my life went on, exploring New York by subway and bus, which was just beginning a period of development not seen since the 1920s!”

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