Vickie Lester is over the moon that someone mentioned Rick Owens



  1. Heather in Arles

    Look at you in your RO skirt! The epitome of “undemodable” (in French or Franglais, meaning never ever goes out of style).
    If it is his jacket also I am going to be very, very jealous. TG too.
    Merci, Vickie, this put a ginormous smile on my face…how could it not?

  2. George Kaplan

    I love it! Look at you, Lunar Lady, Moon Maiden 🙂 “F-f-fashion, turn to the left/Fashion, turn to the right”!

    • The wondrous thing about this set is it was so convincing – my jaw just dropped – and the building that housed it was CAVERNOUS and they used to build dirigibles there!

  3. George Kaplan

    That’s fantastic, Vickie! A set that really looks like another world. And just imagine: dirigibles! As I’m goofy I like the word “dirigibles” too 😉
    Leavesden Film Studios (now Warner Bros Film Studios, Leavesden) used to be aircraft hangars before they were converted for Goldeneye (or at least *one* was, at that time) in 1994. *Huge!*

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