A Modern Hollywood Whodunnit

I’m in a reblogging mood! Silver Screenings allowed me to talk with her young writers group (and they certainly won’t be reading my book until they are older) but they are the very embodiment of dedicated writers, it was inspiring spending time with them. Thanks to Silver Screenings for that opportunity, for reviewing my novel, and for this marvelous thought: “Classic movies are good for you, like chocolate eclairs or a trip to the spa. You should never let a week go by without enjoying at least one…”

Silver Screenings

Los Angeles as photographed by Ansel Adams, circa 1940s. Image: Mail OnlineLos Angeles as photographed by Ansel Adams, circa 1940s. Image: Mail Online

Early one morning, a Los Angeles delivery driver discovers a body inside a parked car.

It’s likely bodies are often found in parked cars around L.A., but when this body is identified as a Hollywood insider, questions – and eyebrows – are raised. There are several interested parties associated with the dead man; yet, no one seems as determined to find the answers as Anne, a writer returning to L.A. to renew the movie rights to her book.

This premise sounds like a fab 1940s thriller/film noir, doesn’t it? It is a compelling thriller – only this is a novel about murder in modern-day Hollywood. It’s also an insider’s look at the business of making movies in Tinseltown.

When we (as in, yours truly) were asked to preview It’s in His Kiss by the lovely Vickie Lester at Beguiling Hollywood, we jumped at the chance. Lester, who is well acquainted with the movie industry, has given…

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  1. Thanks for re-blogging! I’ve had lots of wonderful new visitors to my site.
    P.S. The young writers’ books are almost ready to go to press. I will PM you later with some photos – so exciting!

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