1. Oh, what a shame. I know not everyone can live in a stately home (I certainly don’t) but still… These photos are a form of time travel preserving a vanished world. Ooh, peaks and gables. I love how California has had such intermingled styles (of course, some people have brought “styles” that clash hideously and would look out of place in a spanish brothel but… 🙂 )

    • I love your blog as well! Thank you for nominating me for the award – here’s my quirk – I don’t do these awards but I’m so appreciative of the nod that I try to do a post dedicated to an idea you suggest to me. Would that be okay?

  2. That’s absolutely fine. I totally understand because this is my first ever award go-round and it is so much WORK that I am wondering if I will do another (whine, whine, whine). But gotta try everything once, yes?
    So glad you like the blog!

    • Yes, very cool – any particular Barrymore? Oh wait, I’ve got something perfect for you on John Barrymore… A photo of him having a portrait bust done… Shall I send it to you or post it here?

  3. I so mourn the loss of beautiful old houses. That rip-down that occurred for modernization. I see it downtown in my city, where along Broad Street, where the bankers, lawyers and senators lived the first half of the 20th century in gorgeous houses that were either torn down or now are businesses. But you can see what they were. And imagine that era.

    • I think that’s one of the reasons I like architecture so much – it really evokes the era of its construction. Oh, I’m so glad you popped in today. I wanted to tell you about a book called “The Last Night at the Ritz”, written by Elizabeth Savage. Talk about evocative, and the beauty of her prose, it’s a “wow” — and, I’m halfway through “Beautiful Ruins” thank you for the recommendation — I’m loving it.

  4. Dearest V
    Just like someone was flicking through a catalogue of European architectural styles and then asking for all the bits they like best to be sown together. Rather like a Joan Rivers made house.
    Yours ever
    The Perfumed Dandy

    • I was just saying to someone the other day…when you go to Los Angeles you can find something from any county in the world, from ancient Babylon to Paris, London or Tokyo. And I don’t mean on the back lost at Universal.

  5. Mr Lanier Smith – Ha! (Re. Universal)
    I like the idea of the City of the Angels as a true melting pot of styles and ages. Then again, maybe it’s like a palimpsest layer upon layer of different cultural representations which can be glimpsed together as one. (but, hey, that’s pretentious!) It must be fascinating to live there (if you have a curious & interested turn-of-mind).

  6. V, Ahahaha! There’s that too. Smoginess would be a drag, I’m not too good with searing heat, and as for hellaciously heavy traffic – Oy Gevalt! Upsides/Downsides to everything 🙂

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