Once upon a time, before the drought, Vickie Lester had a rose garden…

Here it is, you can plant roses in Los Angeles and it looks like this in the Spring:


And, they make glorious bouquets, especially the English and Romantica roses:


But, come the blazing days of late Summer:


And suddenly your roses turn crispy, like crunchy cornflakes, and you have to re-landscape. I know, I’ve done it three times — and am about to embark on the 4th iteration. Let me explain, California is suffering from years of drought, and while all sorts of political machinations are going on about who gets to water what, I just want things to be pretty and do my part. Pictures of the transformation in a few months — with any luck at all there will be shaded pergolas, bright and fragrant native plants, and a few Palo Verde trees.



  1. PJR

    Glorious, Vickie, out of season or not. I’m a sucker for a rose. I know there’s a school of garden design that despises them – too florid, too obvious, too romantic, too sensual. Duh. Looking forward to seeing the pergolas later in the year.

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