What my feet looked like when I decided to walk from my house to Cecil B. DeMille’s

??Graciosa014Once upon a time, in the nineteen eighties, Cecil B.’s house still stood atop a hill in a neighborhood called Los Feliz, not far from our place in Beachwood Canyon. It was a beautiful spring day, the neighborhood where many luminaries live now, was not gated, and I decided to walk over and enjoy the view.

los feliz_demilleNow, angels, baronial is not a term I throw around lightly, but the DeMille joint was just that. Placed prominently, sprawling, a statement. Befitting a man who had famously said to his film crew, You are here to please me. Nothing else on Earth matters. That sentiment seems to have echoed through time and I can certainly imagine a current resident of that neighborhood (a director I know), if not actually uttering those words, thinking them.

Now, back to my blistered feet. Why have they been documented for posterity? I got home, peeled off my shoes and socks and started bandaging them on the kitchen floor, when a certain production designer (then he was an art director) spied what I was doing, ran to get his Polaroid, and inquired if I would hop up on the kitchen counter so he could take my picture.

Damn, I was such an obliging child, who knew I would turn out like this?


  1. Great picture, I love how one “little piggy” managed to make to Cecil’s palatial home and back unscathed and un-bandaged… Sorry It’s taken me so long to drop by… 🙂

  2. Greetings from Austin, Happy Mother’s Day! I am a huge fan of your of your blog…You should Instagram this photo (if you haven’t already) with the hashtag #withoutshoes…Tom’s shoes will give away up to 1 million shoes for anyone posting their naked feet to Instagram through May 21. What is really cool about this photo in particular is that there appears at the top of the photo a play of light that is like the Tom’s logo… Best always,

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