IT’S IN HIS KISS – a different kind of bedtime story…


Here’s how my Friday began, I woke, decided to jump straight into my clothes, and take a meandering walk to buy a cup of coffee and recalibrate my head after a stressful few days. The skies above were overcast, the horizon a purpling bruise-like a color almost matching my mood (which was purest blue), the hum of the L.A. freeways was an ever-present accompaniment, and the sidewalks bore a complement of parents clutching the hands of their rugrats as they (the kids not their parents) went off to school. It felt good to be out, and I pounded the pavement beating out a regular rhythm that served to banish the blues,  so I walked and walked, and then  for good measure, I walked a little more. After perambulating so long that I could barely feel my feet anymore, I wound up at a Starbucks (Hiss! Boo!) far from home joining a serpentine line of fellow caffeine fiends that was snaking through the store. I was somewhere near the back of said line when I was walloped with the unsettling scent of honey, laundry detergent, and gardenias. The woman in front of me was hunched forward over her phone, texting rapidly, and emitting the most horrible perfume. I bee-lined it out of there, sans java, and returned home not in the best of moods — and then things swiftly changed.

Checking my computer I found I had received an email from a darling friend, witty blogger, and consummate actress…and in the email were three audio clips…of my book…being read so beautifully I couldn’t believe it…

Were you lucky enough to have bedtime stories read to you as a child? Perhaps you remember how your mom or dad would begin reading, you would close your eyes and their  loved, resonant voice would guide you vibrantly and rhythmically into other worlds, worlds previously unknown to you made instantly real? No? Well, I must say I did experience exactly that, and if you stick with me for the coming few posts I think you will too, as the very talented actress Pippa Rathborne reads extracts from my novel It’s in His Kiss. Ms. Rathborne narrates my story with astonishing color, I hope you enjoy her brilliant work as she reads the novel and brings it to life the way it sounded in my imagination.

Oh, and darlings, it goes without saying, if you like what you hear — and please excuse the nakedness and shamelessness of my plea — buy the book!



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  2. erickeyswriter

    I enjoyed Pippa’s reading very much! I’m a huge fan of her LAST POST blog. I will definitely check out your book.

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