Making a few alterations…

alterationsThis is a picture of me and the Kid a couple of years ago. The Kid is doing well at the Royal Academy of Design in Antwerp and I am thrilled to say some of his designs this year have also been selected for the annual show… He has been very busy of late getting everything “just so.” I thought I would learn from his example and get cracking on setting up the corrections for the print and Kindle versions of the book. The print version should be back on Amazon in 24 hours. The Kindle conversion will take a few days longer.

It’s about time, right? Thanks for your patience, Vickie


    • At my age it’s more of a gentle-sway-on 😉 It took me a little over a year to change a character rubbing her “rid-rimmed” eyes to “red-rimmed.” Oh and something about that usual disclaimer in the front of every novel, except for “fictitiously” it was “fictiously.”

      • erickeyswriter

        Rid-rimmed actually sounds kind of cool. But I suppose it wasn’t exactly what you meant, huh?

  1. Wow. It feels like it was just yesterday that it was me at design school. My hair was just as dark, I was just as thin. Tell him I said he mustn’t hesitate! Self-doubt can make a terrible mess. He must do, believe, push- and just go for it! I do wish someone had told me that then.

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