20th century great, Raymond Chandler, author of…

raymond chandlerThe Big Sleep, Farewell My Lovely, The Long Goodbye

raymond chandler house


  1. George Kaplan

    Ah, Chandler, another write who sought his fortune in Hollywood, and didn’t enjoy his experiences much. That said, Ray (he let me call him that…) did get credit on at least a couple of good movies (I do find the killer with a steel plate in his head – SPOILER! – from The Blue Dahlia quite funny tho’ ;)).
    The Long Goodbye, a great novel made into a similarly *great* if wholly idiosyncratic movie by Robert Altman, then there’s another wonderful adaptation (and there are a few good Marlowe adaps) The Big Sleep, which has an *incredibly* sexy bookshop scene… Wooh!

  2. George Kaplan

    You speak true, Vickie (by the way I answered your email, I’ll be back there in mere moments), your taste is impeccable. Unsurprisingly! Hey, that’s just honesty! 🙂 I like a bit of Bogie. Casablanca, too, obviously – everybody comes to Rick’s!

  3. He is pretty adorable ! These photos of Cain & Chandler make me long for those pre-hipster day when the coolest writers spent their time writing instead of selecting the most ironic t-shirt. Hooray for bulky old jackets and pipes.

  4. One of my cats regularly sleeps on my head, like a hat. Screws my neck up right proper, but I don’t have the heart to chase him off, the old bugger. As for Raymond Chandler – I binge read all his stuff last summer, and it was wonderful! Must do it again, it’s a good summer thing. Have never read Goodis, but am looking him up immediately. As for Bogey, and Chandler… what a perfect pairing! He was born for film noir. Of course my favorites are the ones Bacall is in with him. Hubby gave me a collection of Bogey/Bacall films one year, and it remains on the top of my classic favorites list.

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