Union Station – where the stars arrived in Los Angeles

Spanish, Deco, Streamline Moderne — Union Station in Los Angeles was opened in 1939 and was designed by the brothers who also served as architects on City Hall, Donald Parkinson and John Parkinson.




      • It’s going to be a nail biting week, banks closed Monday, talk of limiting withdrawals to 50 euros in the days after — the referendum coming a week from now — ΎΔÎșÎŹÏÎ±! (thank you Google translator 😉 ) You will have to keep me posted, I don’t understand any of it, except for the impression that austerity measures are draconian and don’t work. Hey! What are you doing up? Close your eyes and dream a way for us to get a hold of that Acropolis…really good design, that. xox, V

      • I think it would make a great summer house 😀
        Btw, next year when the house is in hosting conditions you should come! Do a whole ‘thing’. We’re in the middle of everything. 3.5 hours from Barcelona, Biarritz or the Cote d’Azur. There are 10 bedrooms, we’d barely know if someone was in the house. Mr. Designer Man might enjoy the experience.

      • I would LOVE that. Confession: probably what I would love most of all is sitting in your kitchen and volunteering my services as your sous chef 😉 . I will bring you and Mike a case of California wine!

      • The last time I had California wine was over 15 years ago! I used to love it. They’re very territorial here. A foreign wine is something approaching treason.

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