Little lamb, who made thee?




I felt that some sort of scene was necessary in order to celebrate my first entrance into America, so I said “Little lamb, who made thee?” to a customs official. A fracas ensued far exceeding my wildest dreams, during which he delved down—with malice aforethought—to the bottom of my trunk and discovered the oddest things in my sponge bag. I think I’m going to like America.

via The Project Gutenberg eBook of Terribly Intimate Portraits, by Noël Coward..


  1. I’m not sure what I like best about this: “some sort of scene…”, “a fracas far exceeding my wildest dreams” the “little lamb” comment itself, or “the oddest things”, whatever, the whole thing’s very funny!

    • It sounds even better pronounced the British and French way, that little sibilant ess we add is diminishing. I cannot imagine what would happen today, probably immediate entry to the “do not fly” list.

  2. we made a scene too – but they didn’t look in our sponge bag.

    12 years ago this very week *sighs* we checked in for the flight to NYC (“Ruby Tuesday” (Virgin Atlantic) at Heathrow and said, with a shy (yet clearly winning) smile: “Emigrating today – any chance of an upgrade, love?”

    and suddenly we found ourselves in 2A with a mug of English Breakfast tea.

    so it began.

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