Auntie Mame – designed by Malcolm Bert, paging Mr. Adler…


These are stills from the set of AUNTIE MAME (1958) – fabulous art direction for which Malcolm C. Bert was nominated for Academy Award. Recently, Jonathan Adler credited the designs of Mr. Bert as a major influence on his own work.

So, that’s the movie which people seem to either love or roll their eyes at, personally I tend toward love. However, there’s no arguing the book, by Patrick Dennis, is a giggling roar of a fun fest. Definitely worth digging out…not on your shelf? Go to the library! Do I hear the words instant gratification? Well then, little love, click here.



  1. Love this movie, too. And when I was a kid I never realized something was a “set.” I thought it was “real.”

  2. *melt*

    I have at least picked up the book for myself (the cover is a riot all by itself), but then fell into Middlemarch, where I am hopelessly mired ’til the end. Even so, this whets my appetite! 😉

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