Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day? August 12th, now let me see…

Today is a Special Day…

For a certain unique flame-haired Artist, a Woman of Many Talents, a flair for performance (this lady is an actress of Special Gifts with a particular affinity for strong mercurial women – Shakespeare, anyone?), a way with words (a writer of no small accomplishment), and a recently discovered facility for photography. And, even more importantly, a Great and Giving Heart. Fortunately for us she graces the Internet at Lost in Arles. So raise a flute of champagne…

Madame Gautreau Drinking a Toast gardnermuseum (1)…and join us, Vickie L. and George K., in wishing Heather a very happy birthday!

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  1. George Kaplan
    August 12, 2015

    A certain boob (whose name may or may not be George K, altho’ he’s hardly likely to admit to making such a gooberish SNAFU is he?!) boobed when lining up this post as his brain blurped and said “Twelfth of August” when he – or she 😉 – meant the ELEVENTH! D’oh! He apologizes to both Ms Robinson and Mrs Lester! However, as the Delightful Lady Heather has said, that just makes it a BirthWEEK rather than a BirthDAY!
    So may you be enjoying a Gorgeously Happy Birthweek, Heather. Thank you for brightening our lives with your Sensitivity, Acerbity, Intelligence, and Wit. 🙂

    • August 12, 2015

      Yes! Birthday weeks are the best! I think you committed a perfectly clever and gorgeous SNAFU, the best kind by far!

  2. Heather in Arles
    August 12, 2015

    Hooray! Oh my goodness, thank you both so much! I am a little teary over here in Provence and extremely grateful – of the over the moon variety – and proud to call you both my friends. I am one lucky duck and I say bring on the Judy and let’s roll out Birthday Week! Yes! Get your glasses kids because it’s champagne all around and I’m buying!
    With so much Love to you Both,
    Beyond chuffed to be feted on one of the most glamorous blogs on the internet,
    PS. That was very kind of you both to go back in time and have a portrait of me done by one of my very favorite artists. 😉

    • August 12, 2015

      I have to say, the likeness is superb.
      Wishing you all happiness this week and every week! xox! V

    • August 25, 2015

      A very belated Happy Birthday. 🙂

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