1. some dogs look so deliciously Slumped with their chubby cheeks.

    strange that one would notice dogs when Bacall is in the room.

    but he’s looking straight at the camera (like a good Hollywood-trained dog)

  2. “Our house is a very, very, very, very, very fine house… With two cats in the yard. Life used to be so *ha-ard*, now everything is easy ’cause of you”! These picures remind me of that (sentimental) lyric; particularly the second which is so warm. Great find, Ms Vickie… (yep, as usual :))

  3. Make me the third to notice the dogs. Not only because I love them but they seem to be the only relaxed elements in an otherwise rather staged photo…Madame Bacall looks quite bored by the proceedings…?

      • Oh, Heather… Nonsense, you are right! I hope I haven’t offended you with my “jokes”, dear lady :-[

      • Mr. Kaplan, I started my professional life as a theatre actress in NYC…I don’t offend easily. 😉

  4. Today in Film: THE BIG SLEEP premiered 23 August, 1946, directed. by Howard Hawks.The second of four films with Bogie and Bacall. Raymond Chandler’s Philip Marlowe… Martha Vickers…

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