FOX CARTHAY CIRCLEtyrone power sonja henie


  1. George Kaplan

    Spectacular. Now, *that* is what a premiere should look like. The Carthay Circle Theatre looks almost alive hugging the land. Fabulous architecture.

    • Some of these pictures I want to blow up to beyond poster size and decorate my house with… But, it might end up looking like the waiting room at the Motion Picture clinic 😉

  2. aubrey

    Its site is 2 1/2 miles from work – where I am right now! I love the cameras in the bottom picture – is the fellow standing behind them giving the ‘OK’ sign? Who is the lucky recipient?

    After looking at the two photos, I have to say that sometimes color is completely unnecessary – only velvety, graceful black and white.

  3. I think he’s signaling to someone on the camera crew, and the couple in front of the cameras in Sonja Henie and Tyrone Power – and I have to say when you are at the focal point of a whirl of cameras and lights it’s hard to see what’s what…

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