Constance Bennett’s Hollywood Style

Constance Bennett had a house at 280 N. Carolwood Drive. It was designed by architect J.E. Dolena and built in 1937, for $37,000 β€” and it had a palatial twenty rooms.

Constance Bennett residence

Interior of the Bennett residence:

front hall constance bennett

1939. Constance Bennettjpg

Fireplace at Constance Bennett's

This is the bedroom featured above:

Constance Bennett 1937


    • I was reading a book the other day and thinking about you. It was all about the development of Bev. Hills. The Janss family and the Letts and the Doheny clan – and their concept of an exclusive and completely impermanent neighborhood. They tore things down and rebuilt things like crazy…

      • I think what we miss is the idea of a community standard of excellence. Well you are helping to keep LA history alive in your posts. And that is a good thing.

  1. George Kaplan

    As spectacular as that house is (I want it! Eh, it’s probably long since dust) the final picture is the most stunning. That dress! That bedroom!
    It’s a pity that Constance Bennett isn’t better known today, whatever one thinks of her acting skills on the whole, she really deserves to be remembered for Topper (Roland Young! Billie Burke! Eugene Pallette! Not-quite-fully-formed Cary Grant!) in which she is pretty delightful, and What Price Hollywood?, the A Star Is Born precursor in which she is the proto-Vicki Lester.

  2. The photo with “those chairs” and the hanging ivy…Stopped in at The Heathman Hotel while in Portland and spent a lovely evening in their Library/Bar listening to a LIVE Jazz Combo (P.S. The cocktails were amazing!) sitting in chairs very similar to those pictured in the photo…I’m OBSESSED now in finding some for my place.

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