Lust for Life, Verve for Life, it’s all so very interesting. Hear what Julian Barnes has to say about Van Gogh.

Van Gogh, “The hinge between Impressionism and Expressionism.” Julian Barnes talking about Van Gogh, his times, his letters — give a listen, it’s fascinating stuff:

Vincent van Gogh, The Letters (online)

London Review of Books

Mr. Barnes, in a cultural reference, even makes mention of Vincente Minnelli’s “Lust for Life” starring Kirk Douglas and Anthony Quinn. While much can be said of certain form of…bravado…in the execution of this film, I will emphatically state that the production design is a marvel.

Art Direction: Cedric Gibbons, Hans Peters, Preston Ames

Set Decoration: Edwin B. Willis, F. Keogh Gleason

Lust for Life (1)Van_Gogh_-_Terrasse_des_Cafés_an_der_Place_du_Forum_in_Arles_am_Abend1 (1)


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  1. September 5, 2015

    Fathom Events screened Vincent van Gogh – A New Way of Seeing with exclusive access to THE- VAN GOGH MUSEUM AMSTERDAM- and world-renowned curators and art historians, offering their interpretations and explanations of his work. The film really highlighted Van Gogh’s relationship with his brother Theo. Very moving. A brilliant film that I highly recommend and can be procured through Seven Arts films.

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