Ask me anything—within reason—and a post from long ago while I get some things sorted

For instance, have you ever had a cosmetic procedure?

Yes, I have had three radio wave facials that are supposed to stimulate collagen generation and tighten the skin. You also will notice I do that middle-aged thing of hiding my incipient jowls with my hand, so it works…up to a point. And, it doesn’t hurt at all and there is no down time or recovery.

Wait! An intrepid friend has come up with some daring questions I simply had to include.


What are you wearing?

Have you considered allowing Jesus into your life?

How much wood could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

Have you ever made a plasticine model of Spiro T. Agnew’s head?

What’s your favorite McG film?

What am *I* wearing?

vick ie lest er


Nike hoodie.

Regarding Jesus, only if he cleans up after himself.

All the woodchucks ate the wood, none actively attempted to toss it, and none upchucked. They could, apparently digest the wood pretty well, and consumed it at a rate of 361.9237001 cubic centimeteres per animals per day (no error bars, and the food deprivation was nuts, 12 days, leading me to think they didn’t REALLY…). They note that, while none of the woodchucks attempted to throw the wood, they probably would have, had they been capable.

via Friday Weird Science: how much wood could a woodchuck chuck… | Neurotic Physiology.

No Spiro, but I have made a Christmas angel out of a detergent bottle and a walnut.


*You* are wearing a perfectly tailored jacket and trousers, reminiscent of old Hollywood, why for a second there I thought you were, no it couldn’t be… Mr. Grant? Be still my beating heart…


  1. George Kaplan

    How tall are you? *winks*
    If Moses supposes his toesies are roses, what does he “supposes”?!
    Who’s your favorite muppet?
    If I can call upon you to put aside your habitual modesty for a moment, what do you think is the best of your many fine qualities?
    What is the best and the worst thing about living in the Golden State? (I may have gotten California’s nickname wroong there! It was between that and the Sunshine State, I may be wrong with both!)
    What do you think the mister sees as your most endearing habit and which the least? 🙂
    Favorite “guilty pleasure” movie?
    Favorite “comfort” movie?
    Most infuriating film you’ve ever seen?
    Worst thing about modern movie making?
    Favorite painter?
    Favorite food?
    And finally – do you appreciate how wonderful, witty, and warm your work and you are?! (Put the sickbag down!)

    P.S. Jowls, schmowls, middle-aged, schmiddle-aged! You look darn winsome and cute in that picture!

    • 5′ 1″
      Two characters: Statler and Waldorf.
      My modesty.
      Best thing…friends and family. Worst thing…smog and drought.
      Most endearing…I laugh at his jokes. Least endearing…answer not forthcoming as it is fraught with peril (he’s a smart man).
      “The Wedding Date”
      “Pillow Talk” or “Trouble in Paradise” (1932)
      I tend not to watch infuriating films all the way through…
      That most of it takes place outside Hollywood.
      Sam Francis/David Hockney/Vermeer
      Salads, mangoes, french fries, toast
      Last question, I leave that to your imagination! Thank you, George!

  2. George Kaplan

    Great questions, Heather!
    Oh, and Vickie, I love your answers to your “intrepid” and mysterious “friend”. Hilarious!

  3. VL, the wife of a couple we know ALWAYS does the hand thing in photos. Formal, casual, standing, sitting, if she sees a camera in her vicinity, up goes the hand.
    My two sisters and I have a nonsurgical way to get the perfect photo. We hang by our hands from monkey bars. It instantly slims the mid-drift, removes batwing arms, and makes us appear young and playful!

    • I knew a certain lady executive (very old, very esteemed), that for official portraits would place a wooden clothespin at the back of her neck. Non-invasive and worked like a charm. However, I find the monkey bar approach much more glad and giddy. My compliments to you and your sisters!

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