Flapper, Flaming Youth, Cover Girl, Photoplay, illustration by Charles Sheldon

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  1. October 16, 2014

    I love this. It’s a pastel drawing/painting.

  2. October 16, 2014


    October 17, 2014

    Such a wonderful pastel chalk illustration. The vibrance, the hand of the artist.
    This is a wonderfu material, but lost on me; my father was rather excellent with both pastel chalk and oil pastels.

    • October 18, 2014

      Isn’t it? It’s just so bold and spontaneous looking! Did your dad do a portrait of you?

        October 18, 2014

        oh no 🙂 he wasn’t into painting people. landscapes and stillife paintings were his forte.

  4. October 17, 2014

    Love his work.

  5. October 20, 2014

    I’ve always been in awe of anyone who can draw hands properly.

  6. October 30, 2014

    Love the fllapper look

  7. September 19, 2015

    Utterly iconic. Such a chic age.

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