Reprise: From Whence Novels Do Come – Unvarnished Vickie Lester

Here I am, sitting on the couch, pondering this post — considering doing something on the photo that inspired my novel — self referential to a degree of great ickiness… Perhaps. I’ll see if I can make it palatable, or not.

I like to TALK with people about the process, but I get bored by pontificating writers on their craft, IN PRINT. Weird? I don’t want to know their playlist, or if they scribble at Starbucks, or their theories on imagery and characterization — basically, I’m just not a nice person. Unless you can ride along on an author’s synapses writing is solitary — outwardly dull while in the mind opening universes — there’s no way you can make it sound interesting. “So, I sat down and then I pulled Moby Dick out of my ear…”

Well, that was a rant!

Julius Shulman Kaufmann HouseThe novel that’s in the publishing pipeline, the one I’ve been hinting at and jabbering about on this site had its genesis in a photograph by Julius Shulman. The house is the Kaufmann Desert House designed by Richard Neutra.

Update: a year later “It’s in His Kiss” is out and available on Amazon.

Let’s see, what’s the book about? It’s about a young lady of academic pursuits who happens to be an elderly Hollywood Mogul’s daughter who falls in love with an agent on a trip to Palm Springs from her home in Manhattan – and murder (?) ensues.

Oh, and if you’d like to hear me contradict myself completely on writers and the author’s process read this interview in two parts:

Part One and Part Two.


  1. George Kaplan

    Now, that sounds familiar (winks). Not “a nice person”, ha, no, you’re something much better than nice! It would certainly be something to see someone pull Moby-Dick from their ear. Bwahahahaha!
    Seriously, the more we hear about your novel the more we want to read it (don’t fret, I’m not using the Royal “We”)! The picture is mysterious and evocative in itself and I know that what it has inspired is surpassingly so. It’s a knack I have ;).
    Favourite Vickie L Tag of The Day? Possibly “Write What You Know”! Altho’ I’d say that one doesn’t have to have experienced something to know it.
    Great post, Ms Vickie, yours, Mr George (who is particularly chatty today it seems, o woe the donkeys whose hind legs I’ve talked off :))

  2. Writing is done so differently by everyone — I too hate listening to the dissection. Boring!
    But I can’t wait for your book to come out! And I want to be in on the launch lunch, too!

  3. I hate the thought of blood on those lovely pristine sun lounges but can’t wait for the published results! A Manhattan lunch launch? Please please please! Lipstick, dress up and fabulously inspired fiction, can’t wait!

    (My first ever long stay in LA I popped in to the downtown library where I found an exhibition of Richard Neutra’s plans, drawings and photos which I took to be a wonderful introduction to the delights of LA.)

  4. Heather in Arles

    Ahhh, now I understand more clearly the attachment to the Kauffman House (not that it needs any further explanation). And while there is no need to be outright b*tchy about one’s work (although with great embarrassment I admit to having being one at times when I was acting in the thee-ah-tah, it meant the world to me and I fiercely protected what I did), I certainly don’t see the need to be sugary sweet either. Because if we share all of our secrets…well, what will we have left? So rant away, dear Vickie!

    Sign me up for the virtual martini lunch please. I will get my Breakfast at Tiffany’s hat out for the occasion…As well, please put me on the list of those that are chomping at the bit to read the published novel–hoorah!!!!

  5. Writing is indeed, solitary and you do it so well. It’s been a privilege to travel through your mind’s universe, Vickie. It’s intelligent, funny, a bit naughty and very entertaining – just like you. 🙂
    There’s so much about this photo that I love. It may be the lighting that really captivates me. That little halo of light behind the person lounging at the pool almost feels sci-fi. The interior lights and clean white lines — I could stare at this photo for a long time, never mind that I’d like to live in this incredible house. Very cool. Perfect for your story. Perfect.

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