The marvel of mid-century, Paul Miller designed a timeless house in Arcadia…

You all know how much I love the lay of the land and the architecture of Los Angeles, well, today I had one of those moments I had to share. I heard from an architect’s daughter, and her words about her father’s designs are beautiful.
Paula Miller Klein

My father, Paul Miller, designed this classic mid-century home for my grandparents, Lazar and Katie Samarzich, who were his in-laws. My dad was 24 years old, with two kids, and was stationed at Fort Ord in Northern California when he began the drawings for this home in Arcadia. He worked on the plans on his foot locker and brought them home on his leaves, or sent them back with my mom when she visited him. My parents went on to have 12 children, most of whom, along with numerous cousins, spent countless nights sleeping over at our grandparent’s home and playing in the large back yard. I have vivid memories of each room, and many photos of our family gatherings at the house. Built-ins were abundant in every room…..a bar, movie screen, and hidden film projector area in the den, a large flagstone planter in the entry, desks and vanities in the bedrooms, a buffet in the dining room, and an eye-level refrigerator in the kitchen. My grandmother sold the home in 1980, and the last time I checked, the second owners still live there. Over the years, they have graciously opened the doors of the home to some of my siblings and cousins who wanted to peek in and revisit some memories. I drive by quite regularly, but chose to let my memories of the inside reside in a corner of my heart.

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  1. September 22, 2015

    Built-ins. Why can’t we have built-ins anymore? Beautiful memories.

  2. September 23, 2015

    Cool house. Do you happen to know the neighborhood in Arcadia where it’s located?

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