Gary Cooper turns to Mom for a delicious ranch breakfast, home in Hollywood for the holidays

img053When I was a kid the holidays were spent either in mountain snow, or desert sun. I was campaigning for Palm Springs at Christmas, but with family and friends coming in from across the pond, across the country, and across town, we’ve decided to make Hollywood holiday central.

This time of year — from Thanksgiving to the New Year — breakfast seems more of an event than dinner. I love the scent of coffee brewing on a chilly morning, the look of sliced bright red strawberries, the bright blue glow of the gas burner beneath a sizzling skillet of bacon.

And I love the unguarded moments when people first wander into the kitchen, dreams still faintly hovering, hair tousled, pajamas layered with a sweater. I tend to chirp in the morning, some people rumble, others offer their first words sparingly. We all bump along together, hands grazing as we work at stove or counter. Nothing seems so sweet to me as that first light choreography.

Happy holidays, and here’s to you, V



  1. George Kaplan

    Dear Vickie,

    I love this remembrance of thanksgivings past, so gorgeously warm and honey-sweet! The thought of you chirping in the mornings like a robin redbreast is cute and amusing, I am more inclined to grouch and grizzle!
    GK X

    • Dearest George,
      Wishing you the happiest holiday season. You would scoff to know what I think constitutes chilly weather, so I won’t say 😉 . What I will say is, seeing you here always makes the day warm and bright. Thankful for you.
      VL X

  2. Oh my, this was so beautifully written, just perfection. Such a little gift to me who has been feeling unabashedly sorry for herself for not being in the States with my family for Thanksgiving, a holiday I love dearly.
    And yes, I nearly made a snarky remarke about what constitutes a chilly morning but you beat me too it! 😉
    Sending much Love and Gratitude to you,
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

    • One of these days I will get you over here and we will cook and ramble and laugh. Or, more likely you will get me over there as the Kid may be there for many moons to come—he just wrote to tell me his new designs are based on the styling of Madame Gres and Korean fisher women! So cool.
      Sending you love and the very best Thanksgiving wishes,

  3. George Kaplan

    Warmth and Brightness are YOUR Gifts, Ms Vickie! Thank you deeply for your too-Kind words.
    “The weather outside is frightful…” 🙂

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