#SecondChancesLondonBoundManhattanMagic — sorcery with a sardonic twist from Sophia Stuart

Oh, it’s so lovely to have an excerpt from a fresh new novel just about to be submitted to a select few publishers.


London Bound. Manhattan Magic.

a novel by sophia stuart.

Chapter 1.

Marion peered out of the window as the taxi swung into Church Row, Hampstead. She could not see much because it was raining. Of course it was raining, she thought, this is England. At least it made the grass green and the houses looked like they’d just had a wash and brush up…

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…She opened every cupboard door – just vast packets of tea and some uninteresting cookies in a Tupperware container with a sticker that said “digestive biscuits” in girlish handwriting. By the kettle was an envelope with her name on it. Marion walked over to the sink and rinsed out her glass and picked up the envelope, expertly slitting it open with her pinky finger in one motion like a mobster cutting someone’s throat.

Now, I’m familiar with Church Row because I walked it five days a week on my way home from school. And there were famous residents…

peter otoole hampstead by david steen 1978

Though I never suspected my neighbors of anything like this!

After the decriminalization of witchcraft in the 1700s, the Establishment had to change tactics in order to keep women with special powers in line. As a result, most people now believe that witches are a myth.

But when Marion O’Neal, a glamorous American advertising executive, is extradited to the UK for further monitoring by those who strongly suspect her advertising campaigns contain witchcraft, all are in for a big surprise.

For Marion is indeed a sorceress, and a very bewitchingly glamorous one at that: one who also knows how to marshal the new forces streaming through the global Internet, empowering women everywhere. The Establishment has no idea what is in store for them, but they are about to find out.

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  1. January 23, 2016

    This is happy news! I adore Sophia Stuart’s writing.

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