Stars of the 1950s – Sophia Loren

Annex - Loren, Sophia_15_DS


  1. I absolutely love these photos. Always thought Ms.Loren was one of the most attractive of the “different” looking stars. Last night I unexpectedly watched an Elizabeth Taylor movie called, “Suddenly Last Summer.” I had never even heard of it. Very different kind of film. A little shocking for 1959, but maybe I underestimate 1959. Went to IMDB to read about it and saw gorgeous photos of young Liz. I still say people today just don’t look that good. Best of luck.

    • “Suddenly Last Summer” a play about homosexuality… except Hollywood was so weird that when it came time to make the movie the producers decided to translate that concept into cannibalism… very DIFFERENT, indeed!

  2. so who-are-in-RL is named after this beauty.

    not because of her Talent or Glorious looks.

    but (and we quote) “because she suffered”

    and there you have it.

    why we left.

      • and we sort of get what they meant when they said she suffered – like it was good to be someone who could Overcome Life Events when needed 😉


        and thank you.

        happy to BE HERE.

  3. George Kaplan

    Ah, the gorgeous, the spectacular, the very smart and level-headed Ms Loren. I was going to mention she was a great favourite of Cary Grant’s but as the tags feature Cary and The Pride and the Passion, I see I don’t have too. Peter Sellers pestered her a bit when they appeared together but Sophia was more amused than anything. 🙂 Of course she still looks great *now*!
    As coincidence would have it I happened to be flicking through a book in the library and came across the famous shot of Ms Loren amazing Marcello Mastrionni in black lingerie in Yesterday, Today, and Tomorrow. Incredible scene, and one in which her almost offhand powerful sensuality is at its most impactful, all done with a sense of mocking humour. Men are so *silly*! 😉 Oops, rambling…

  4. Heather in Arles

    I was going to write something like, “Take that Ava Gardner!” but that got lost in all of the comments…sometimes arriving late to the party via the massive time zone difference is a wonderful thing.
    Me too, happy to be here.

  5. g.

    The thing that always strikes me is how animated she seems. For every *perfect* picture, there are five more where she’s shouting or laughing or scowling. She always looks engaged and lively. She puts me in a good mood.

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