“What I look for in a man isn’t printable! I wouldn’t want to shatter my cool Swiss image.” Ursula Andress

Annex - Andress, Ursula_15


  1. George Kaplan

    Yes, Mr Perfumed Dandy, Tracy (Diana Rigg, another Avengers girl like Honor’s Pussy, er you know what I mean)! Great taste (I have a soft spot for Corinne Clery and Lois Chiles too). Never liked Honey though (is it ungentlemanly to say that Ms Andress developed a scary forehead? Yes? Oops!)

  2. Gorgeous! Perhaps it’s the portrait photographer in me, but I absolutely love the head shots you share! The “close-up” may reveal less skin, but it exposes far more of the soul (at least in my humble opinion.)

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