Catherine Deneuve, and her sister Françoise Dorléac

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    • Hello Angel, I was just thinking… “what would Lisa do?”… I wrote a post for tomorrow, that deals with middle-age, human sexuality and grey hair, and for once I used an off color phrase — but I’m going to be bold and just go for it. Blog-life is a learning experience, yes? Hugs to you and wishing you a lovely evening!

      • I say, go for it! It’s liberating. Vickie, I don’t think it’s possible for you to write anything short of brilliant, off color phrase and all. I look forward to reading your thoughts and feelings, as always. xoxo
        Love and Hugs!!

  1. Yes she is quite beautiful with an unforgetable face.I cannot see her however without thinking of her tragic older sister Francoise Dorleac,also an actress.I have seen at best only two films with her in and to an extent both her and her sad and early death being burnt alive in a car crash shortly after completing her last film has never quite left me.How strange that her short life can still reach out and touch one after the passage of so many years.A beautiful butterfly of the sixties and like so many icons of the period having a short life that burnt bright.

  2. O yes, Edward is quite eloquent and moving about poor Francoise (I didn’t see her image the 1st time I visited). She was memorable in Polanski’s odd Cul-De-Sac with Donald Pleasance increasingly feminized, and Lionel Stander. The Young Girls Of Rochefort is a beautiful chocolate box of a movie though not up to The Umbrellas of Cherbourg.

    • I just hopped on the site and I see two comments from you but I’ll answer this one first – you didn’t miss the photo the first time, I just put it up in response to Edward’s account of her life ;)…
      And, I won’t even look at my London clock to see what time it is there, but I know you’re nocturnal so I’ll stop scolding.

      • I am being nocturnal at the moment anyway.Actually I am a few hundred miles away from London and am an Englishman living in Wales.However the UK is a very small place so the time difference would be very,very small.Francoise Dorleacs last film was Billion Dollar Brain,a spy film that followed the success of The Ipcress File, which is still one of the best grainy and realistic,rather dark and forboding non James Bond type films, whose subject is brain washing.Billion Dollar Brain which unlike The Ipcress File I do not have a copy of, is a bit more of a romp if imperfect memory is correct.

      • I want to see “Billion Dollar Brain” — by the time I became aware of Ken Russell he was notorious for some very bizarre onset behavior (in the 1980s). I have one friend in particular I’d like to post about her experience with the director – I don’t think I could do it justice.

  3. Oh scold me, scold me, it makes me feel wanted! Bwahahaha! Glad I hadn’t gone nuts by missing Mlle Dorleac.
    Good night and God bless, agnostic and (yes, you’re quite correct) nocturnal R (hey, it’s not 1 o’clock yet I’m doing well!)

  4. Thank you Vickie for putting the picture up.I am not sure quite what her magic is, but whatever it is she has it.Perhaps thats what it is after all, the subject of magic some might say is the mysterious and the unknown and for me she embodies something otherworldly.Perhaps a Jungian analyst would suggest that she has something of the quality of an Anima figure,a creature from which poetry can be spun and myths gather.

      • Thanks for your kind comment with regard to my words.Much beauty today is skin deep only,cosmetically deep even or created by the surgeons knife.There is another type of beauty that does not depend on these things and of a much rarer type.It cannot be described and it cannot be produced, it can be known only when you encounter it and when you do it cannot be explained,it just is and you either see it or you dont and poetry is the correct response.

  5. Dearest V
    How could you possibly know?
    les parapluies de cherbourg is just The Dandy’s most favourite musical – jazz operetta? – ever!
    Demy and Lerand’s score. Bernard Evein’s unforgettable ‘decoration’, Nino Castelnouvo, the incomparable Anne Vernon, the voice of Danielle Licari and…. la Divine!!!
    And the 1992 restoration (under the auspices of Agnes Varda no less) was a triumph.
    It is one of a very, very few movie=ng pictures that I have ever seen on the big screen more than a handful of times.
    Oh and the umbrellas themselves, supplied by ONM.
    And.. the colours and la Divine!!!
    Oh poor Francoise. So very sad Catherine has spoken very little of it ever since.
    Can I recommend a wonderful song that the ultimate face of Chanel and the muse of Saint Laurent was to sing many years later… with quite a lovely ‘montage’.
    Yours ever and ever Catherine’s
    The Perfumed Dandy

      • Dearest V
        You mean the legendary Monsieur Gainsbourgh – he of course of the infamous ‘Bonnie and Clyde’ duet with Brigette Bardot.
        I would post a link but I am now much afeard of another unintentional big screen fiasco!
        His greatest work is probably ‘l’Histoire de Melodie Nelson’ a narrative album of orchestral majesty, though of course he is always remembered for ‘Je t’aime’.
        Now if we start straying into YeYe (early French girl rock’n’roll) I may never recover.
        Just to say that Francoise Hardy is one of the most beautiful people who has ever lived.
        Yours ever
        The Perfumed Dandy

  6. V., I’d recommend you watch Billion Dollar Brain. It’s my favourite Russell film (even if it isn’t all that Russellian, we have memorable Music Lovers et al for that) and it’s particularly interesting because it’s sneakily almost pro-soviet! Even if it isn’t to your taste there’s snowbound landscapes (snow, always good in a film), weirdness, Michael “Blahdy” Caine, a nutso Ed Begley, ice queen Mlle Dorleac, an Alexander Nevsky-quoting scene on frozen ice (also quoted in The Four Musketeers starring Michael York, Ollie Reed and Raquel Welch in her best performance, etc) and, perhaps best of all, a great score by Richard Rodney Bennett who died recently.
    Oh, do let your friend dish on Ken Russell, a man who continued to be “terrible” even when he was no longer an “enfant”. Was the film from his american sojourn, Altered States or Crimes of Passion? The latter has a quite *spectacularly* vulgar line of dialogue concerning “Pan-Am Coffee” that I can’t help but remember from that perverse and totally unerotic picture. Fear not, I shall protect your tender ears (or, rather eyes) from it!

  7. Crimes of Passion, I think… Is that the one with Kathleen Turner? He was just so… gross! If I can’t even type certain phrases I certainly can’t relate a story about Ken Russell, so I’ll work on my friend and see if she’ll share. I see more correspondence from you down the line and I’ll be there soon. Hugs, V
    Oh, and yes I’ll put Billion Dollar Brain in my Netflix thingy 🙂

  8. Yes, it was and “gross” seems to be an appropriate term! I’m kind of scared to hear that story from your friend now. Um, I don’t know, you may wish you’d skipped that correspondance, hon…worried now…
    Yay for Netflix!
    Hugs from here, R.

  9. I ran into Catherine Deneuve at Macy’s in the 1980’s… she was signing autographs and selling her perfume. See looked so much that day like Grace Kelly to me. And what a lovely smile she has. “if it takes forever I will wait for you…for a thousand summers if you want me too….” ah..The Umbrellas of Cherbourg….

  10. OMG! I watched “The Young Girls of Rochefort” just the other day. I’d never even heard of it before (a Gene Kelly movie I’d never heard of? HTF did *that* happen?) While it’s not “Umbrellas…” it’s certainly a trip!

    • I know! I was scrolling through Cary Grant movie credits last night, and there are so many I’ve never heard of — I’m wondering if there’s a reason I’ve never heard of them though… There’s only one way to find out, I’m going to have an obscure movie marathon!

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