Hollywood. The Dream Factory. A camera-ready world of fantasy fulfilled, artifice and bone-deep glamour — or a place of dark reality, depthless closets, failed love, false prophets and untimely death…

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    “Clifford takin’ drugs! CLIFF? Do you know what my self-righteous son of blessed memory, my self-righteous son, he of the completely unaltered states, did to me because of my indulgences?” “No, sir,” Anne replied. “Don’t call me sir!” he fumed. Anne said nothing. She didn’t want to trigger another explosion. Starkey flicked the cigarette out the window then took Anne’s small, graceful hands in his large, bony paws. He was long-fingered, with octave-spanning hands like his son; his skin was dry and papery, his grip light and almost fragile. “He had me committed! Twice! Thrown into the psych ward. Under lock and key for seventy-two hours with the white coats hemming and hawing about my destructive tendencies.” He let go and leaned back into his seat with a tremor of spent energy.


  1. I bought “It’s in His Kiss” awhile back and I absolutely loved it. I enjoyed the oral version too. Is there ever going to be a full oral version I could get on Kindle?

    • Hi, Martha! I’m so glad you enjoyed it. Currently I’m working on my next novel, and have put everything else on the back burner. That, and the technical end of putting an audio version up on Amazon is a little daunting to me 😉 .

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