An “oh, snap” with éclat from Olivia de Havilland

When asked by the Hollywood Reporter about the relationship portrayed in Feud, Olivia de Havilland replied:

“I have received your email with its two questions, I would like to reply first to the second of these, which inquires of me the accuracy of a current television series entitled Feud, which concerns Bette Davis and Joan Crawford and their supposed animosity toward each other. Having not seen the show, I cannot make a valid comment about it. However, in principle, I am opposed to any representation of personages who are no longer alive to judge the accuracy of any incident depicted as involving themselves.

As to the 1963 Oscar ceremony, which took place over half a century ago, I regret to say that I have no memory of it whatsoever and therefore cannot vouch for its accuracy.”

Olivia de Havilland, pictured with her two children and Bette Davis at LAX in 1964:



    SHE WILL BE 101 on JULY 1 st………my MONTH TOO!I just saw your post of last year above!
    SHE DOES EMAIL AT 100…………….?

  2. aubrey

    Spoken by a lady who knows her mind, the power of her wits, the power of her language, and her ability to put it to good and devastating use.

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