The Oliver House — glass and sunshine and all those angles — designed by Rudolph Schindler

Completed in 1934, The Oliver House:

Another view:

The living room:


    • Okay, I was one of those weird children who didn’t like Disneyland… Just looked up the house of the future and it was made of plastic. And, it looks to me like a giant old seed pod, or something out of that Woody Allen movie, “Sleeper”. Yikes! And hugs from down here where it topped out at 114 degrees this afternoon.

      • It was a hidious house and even back then when I first saw it It somehow seemed dated to the late 50’s. Hugs from up here where it topped out at 68 fog rolling over the top of Twin Peeks where the crawling eye lives. hee hee!

    • Sophie, I think (I’m trying to remember) the photo you’re talking about was taken in the 1930s by a photo service here in Los Angeles called either Keystone or Luckenhouse (?), neither exists any more. I would check with the USC or Los Angeles Public Library archives to see if they have the photo in their collections and if they can grant you the rights for publication.

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