”Careful grooming may take twenty years off a woman’s age, but you can’t fool a flight of stairs.” Marlene Dietrich

The heroine of my new Hollywood novel is a daring young soul, and this morning one of my favorite authors asks moi, someone who is 7 years older than Gloria Swanson was when she made Sunset Blvd. if bravado is possible past 50.

To continue along with our conversation click here, s’il vous plait.


  1. NotebookM by Lanny Morgnanesi

    You always come up with the best quotes and the best photos! I’ve not been posting for awhile and I hadn’t seen much from you. Looks like you are getting active again. Do you remember me? You were kind enough to read a couple of my stories. Seems you are back working on your second novel and have come out from behind Vickie Lester. It’s always tough changing “brands” but I think you made the right choice.

    • Good morning! Of course I remember you! How is the writing going? And thank you for the encouragement, isn’t it a funny world where we have to worry about “brands?” Although, I would say that is very minor worry in the face of recent events 😉 .

      • Thanks for responding. My writing is going slow but steady. I may have mentioned before that I have a novel in mind, and I’ve written a story that will go in the novel. It takes place in China 1984, when I lived there. It’s a two-character study of class, capitalism, noddles and national will. Oddly, it has brief mentions of Beverly Hills, Frank Sinatra and Princess Diana.

      • You captured the zeitgeist. A friend recently spent a year in Beijing, I imagine phenomenal changes have taken place in 33 years. I bet your novel will be a look into the catalyst…I want to read it when you’re done!

  2. How funny you should quote her – just last night I finished CW Gortner’s biographical novel, “Marlene” which I enjoyed just a much as his similar one about Coco Chanel. I just bought Maria Riva’s biography about her mother so I’m all about La Dietrich right now!

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