Oh! Did I say that out loud? Hear me read from my latest novel…

Good morning! Marvelous Mr. Kuhn (author, historian, amazing friend), has gotten me to read a page (2 minutes) from my work in progress. While I didn’t have the equipment shown above, I did have my trusty computer and a built-in, albeit tiny, microphone. After assuring me I didn’t sound like Minnie Mouse in a cathedral the reading is posted on his blog today.

Won’t you join our conversation? Please give a listen, and leave your thoughts .

Click here for the post, and to hear me read click on the MP3 on the upper left hand corner of the page.

And if you sign up for William Kuhn’s mailing list he will most graciously send you a free copy of his latest novel!


  1. You did it! You read from your book, and you don’t sound like Minnie Mouse in a cathedral. William is right. You sound like a writer who is ‘at home’ in every word of her book.

    • My fingers used to blot up the ink. And yes! Thanks to Mr. Kuhn I read from my book (and thank you both for the encouragement). It was surprisingly fun! Though, it still strikes me as odd that a recording of my voice sounds very different to me than what I hear when I’m just speaking.Or maybe I just never really listen carefully to myself unless it’s recorded 😉 .

      • My voice on a recording sounds odd to me, as in ‘is that how I really sound?’ I played my voice recording to a friend and asked if she knew who was speaking. She had no idea, yet we talk to each other almost every day!

      • I didn’t realize this “conversation” was this long ago😃 we’ll be in your fair city Friday through Sunday February 16-18. We’re booked Friday, but Saturday is for The Getty sometime and open otherwise the rest of the day and Sunday. Y’all in town that weekend?

      • Drat! We are going to miss you that weekend 😦 I hope you will be coming our way again soon. And, I think we will be heading north, towards your neck of the woods, sometime at the end of March. I will keep you posted.

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