“Hollywood is a strange place if you’re in trouble. Everybody thinks it’s contagious.” Judy Garland

Author William Kuhn asked me in an interview (you can read it by clicking here) why I adopted the name Vickie Lester for my digital presence and first novel. Thinking about it today I realized I wanted to add another answer to his question — it was because I admired Judy Garland.

The comeback role of Vicki Lester (which I spelled incorrectly all these years) in A Star is Born closely resembled the real Judy. She was a trooper. She had a rough life. She had a great sense of humor.  She understood addiction because she was hooked on pharmaceuticals (we’re looking at you, Louis B. Mayer and MGM) when she was a young teen. Yet her talent and heart soared above…

So, Vickie is also in honor of Judy.

Go read the interview, please. And leave a comment, here or there, we’d love to hear from you!


    • Sarah! Mr. Kuhn asked some very thought provoking questions, and I really enjoyed taking part in the interview. Speaking of good stage/or pen names, my grandparents were named Fanny and Alexander, just like in the movie… Maybe Fanny Alexander will be my new nom de plume 😉 , I send you love.

  1. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well First Night Designs. I love the soft ch in Chandos. I knew some people in a country house designed by Sir John Soane and built by the Duke of Buckingham & Chandos, soft ch. Called Wotton (pronounce Wuht’n–clever Brits and their pronunciation tricks) I’m sorry to say the duke went bankrupt but the house is still standing. You’ll make it through this and keep on standing too.

    Vicki/Vickie Lester (it’s all over the internets with the e): I can’t tell you how much that picture of Judy Garland moves me.

  2. Coincidence! Just saw the original “Star is Born” a few days ago – so I barely had the chance to have an “aha” moment about your name before you cleared it up! 😃

      • Thank you so much, Vickie! The movie could’ve been made at WB but, since it was a Selznick movie, I’d bet it was shot in Culver City. Since Mum moved here, I’ve discovered she really doesn’t like knowing some of her favorite films were shot nearby – she likes the illusion preserved! Thanks for reading and for the good wishes!

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