“There comes a time in every woman’s life when the only thing that helps is a glass of champagne.” Bette Davis, as Kit Marlowe in Old Acquaintance

“Director Michael Curtiz was a complete madman – mad and adorable. For twelve weeks he yelled at me and I yelled back at him. We’re exactly alike.”

You’ve got to have spirit to make it in Hollywood, and the lady pictured above had it in spades.

This is Miriam Hopkins, she was great in screwball comedies, and starred with Bette Davis in a few films, one of them  was called Old Acquaintance — something of a potboiler about two writers and their clashes and reconciliations through life.

In my experience when writers get together it’s a love fest.

Today on author William Kuhn’s website the conversation continues, we discuss true essence, character, and casting…

Join us by clicking here.



  1. PJR

    “In victory I deserve it. In defeat I need it” – some of Churchill’s wisest words – and I wish I could share a bottle of champagne with you and Kuhn to celebrate your literary friendship.

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