A boy’s return to the World Series 91 years later…via ESPN

On Saturday, Oct. 2, 1926, Babe Ruth slid into second base in the third inning of the first game of the World Series — and ripped the seat of his pants.

In the Yankee Stadium bleachers, an 11-year-old boy attending his first major league game, burst into laughter. “We roared! The little trainer, Doc Woods, raced out with a needle and thread, and the Babe just stood there grinning while they stitched up his trousers right on the field!”

The same boy — a little older — will be in the left-field stands Wednesday night as the Los Angeles Dodgers host the Houston Astros in the second game of this World Series. He is the actor Norman Lloyd.

Source: A boy’s return to the World Series 91 years later


    • Nothing like the stretch pants worn today! This is a little off track, but when I was a kid we had a friend who was an airline pilot, the uniforms were custom tailored, didn’t have and ounce of synthetics in them, and the airline paid to have them dry cleaned… No wonder they looked so sharp 😉 .

    • When interviewed by the LA Times he said, “The Dodgers should never lose!” And noted that the big difference between watching baseball above the diamond in 1926 and now was the noise. He said they watched in silence for most of the game until something extraordinary happened and then they’d let loose. So interesting!

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