— a date that will live in infamy —

I thought this interchange worthy of its own post. Thank you, Mr. Kaplan.

George Kaplan

“Dorothy GAAALE, DO-RO-THEE GAY-UL! I’ll get you, you and your little dog too!”
Very spooky, V.L. (I hope “Vickie Lester’s” middle name wasn’t Polly as that would make for a very embarrassing set of initials… 😉 Jinkies!)
Hallowe’en may have been last week but the Very Long Hallowe’en began just about a year ago… 😦 Important to remember that no matter how long a Hallowe’en or a bitter winter is it always ends. 🙂

  • Hello, George! As you know, I live on the West Coast, by 10 o’clock on November 8th, 2016 (a date that will live in infamy), I knew that we were in for a hellish ride. It was a disturbed night, and the morning after, November 9th, I went out into the city, and even though the weather was mild, the sky a brilliant blue — Los Angeles seemed to be in mourning.

    There was a pall of silence over the streets. Gravity was etched in every face. And, as if we had all experienced an earthquake, strangers would strike up conversations, trying to reassure.
    Twelve months have passed, devastating harm has been done in ways I can’t enumerate in a comment. But, we will all get through this. The elections yesterday will be part of a building wave. The upside of the American character — indivisible, with liberty and justice for all — is reasserting itself.
    Wish us and democracy well, as we wish for goodwill and unity to be restored in the UK.


  1. George Kaplan

    It is to blush to inspire your fascinating reply and subsequent post, Ms Vickie. Dark times but darkness gives way to light.

  2. George Kaplan

    Dear Vickie,
    I have tried to send you an email from another account than usual as due to data problems I couldn’t use my usual one (or receive any message from you on it until sunday it appears); I hope that you received it, ‘tho it now appears I won’t have the capability to check THAT until sunday either. 😦 I thought I would leave a message here just so you know. I’ll try to check in here again tomorrow altho’ this device is low on data and will be until Saturday. Gah. Hope you are well, busy Queen Bee.
    Love, George the Dim Bulb

    • Dear George,
      Thank you for letting me know — oh, these data plans! You stay well and read where it’s nice and cozy and don’t fret. Just imagine if we lived in the era when people wrote on bits of paper and sent them via airplane!
      Sending you love,
      Q.V. B.

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