Joan Crawford, a roast beast, and father-in-law Douglas Fairbanks’ recipe for lemon meringue pie…

Ms. Crawford married into Hollywood Royalty in 1929. Douglas Fairbanks Jr. was 19, she admitted to 20, and his parents were anxious to have them wed before they hopped into bed. They were divorced by 1934, but here they are photographed in the happier days of 1931 by the inestimable Edward Steichen.

Oh, and I promised you Fairbanks Sr.’s lemon meringue pie recipe, it’s in the photo below, beneath the banana-mayo mess that I recommend you skip right over.

The editors of this puff piece also assumed you knew how to make meringue:

3 egg whites, 1/3 cup sugar, 1/4 teaspoon cream of tartar, a pinch of salt

Beat egg whites until they hold a soft peak, add the rest of the ingredients in a slow stream and beat until you have a stiff peak. Pour the meringue over the filled pie crust, spreading it so it seals over the lemon custard, add swirls with the end of your rubber/silicon spatula to the meringue so it looks pretty, and then bake until the swirls are browned.

There are tons of pie crust recipes on the web, my only secret is I add vodka where most recipes call for water because someone once told me it makes the crust flakier.


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